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Krill oil is the oil harvested from antarctic krill, a tiny, shrimp-like animal that lives deep in the ocean. Krill is considered to be the largest biomass in the world. Antarctic krill is fundamental to the survival of almost every species of animal that lives in the Antarctic or sub-Antarctic waters and island groups. Baleen whales, mantas, and whale sharks eat primarily krill. In Norwegian, the word "krill" means "whale food."

People extract the oil from krill, place it in capsules, and use it for medicine. Scientists and doctors have discovered that ingesting this oil can have amazing affects on your body including a stronger heart, pain-free joints, a better mood, lower cholesterol, easier menstruation and overall better health.

Krill oil is used for heart disease, high levels of certain blood fats (triglycerides), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, osteoarthritis, depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and painful menstrual periods.

Krill oil contains fatty acids similar to fish oil. These fats are thought to be beneficial fats that decrease swelling, lower cholesterol, and make blood platelets less sticky. When blood platelets are less sticky they are less likely to form clots.

In fact, recent clinical studies showed Krill Oil to...

  • Reduce your risk of a cardiovascular "event" by up to 45%...

  • Vanquish artery-clogging LDL "bad" cholesterol by up to 55%...

  • Reduce harmful triglycerides by up to 27%...

  • Slash heart-damaging inflammation by as much as 29%...

  • Raise HDL "good" cholesterol by as much as 43.92%...

  • Soothe the pain and discomfort of stiff joints by up to 29%...

  • Boost your memory and mental focus by as much as 48%...

  • Reduce facial wrinkles by up to 51%...

  • Increase your energy by over 50%...

  • Decreases the physical and emotional effects of PMS by up to 47%...

Krill Oil Health Benefits

There are so many benefits to taking krill oil on a regular basis that it is actually hard to know where to start. If you are a woman, you will find that it can reduce your PMS symptoms and even make menopause easier to get through. If you are older, then krill oil will help to fight the many signs of aging you may be experiencing, including wrinkles, less sharp mind and memory, and lack of energy.

If you are finding that your later years are not quite as energetic as you had hoped them to be, then krill oil may be the one supplement that is missing from your pill box. Not only will Krill Oil help to lower your cholesterol and protect your heart, but you may also suffer fewer arthritis, joint, and muscle pains because of it.

The list of how krill oil supports you will likely impress you too:

  • A healthy heart

  • Support for concentration, memory and learning

  • Blood sugar health

  • Healthy joints, with an increase in joint comfort

  • Fighting your signs of aging

  • Healthy brain and nervous system function and development

  • Protection for cell membranes

  • Cholesterol and other blood lipid health

  • Healthy liver function

  • Bolstering your immune system

  • Healthy mood support

  • Optimal skin health

What gives krill oil an edge over other marine oils is the fact that it is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and very potent antioxidants. It is this unique combination of essential ingredients that is responsible for the health benefits that krill oil gives.

  1. Omega Fatty Acids: Krill oil has a healthy balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, both of which are important in your diet. These fatty acids fight infection, help prevent inflammation related diseases like heart ailments, diabetes and arthritis and prevent blood clots. They also help to lower blood pressure.

  2. Importance of Phospholipids: These are fats that keep our cells working by forming a protective membrane around each cell to block out toxins and disease forming free radicals. The fats in krill oil resemble the phospholipids found in the brain that maintain the brain chemical that controls the memory, sleep patterns, muscle function, mood and organs like the heart.

  3. Antioxidants: Besides keeping you healthy, the rich mixture of antioxidants in krill oil sustain its shelf life. Through krill oil your body receives a supply of vitamins A, D and E, minerals like sodium, potassium and zinc and large quantities of the B-Complex nutrient, choline. But above all, the most powerful antioxidant that krill oil carries is astaxanthin. This nutrient fights free radicals within the body and protects the blood- brain barrier. This leads to protection of the brain, eye and central nervous system. It also helps in regulating hormones.

Krill oil in the cure of various ailments:

  • Cardiovascular Health: Results from a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that krill oil can significantly reduce heart-damaging inflammation. The study was conducted by measuring the presence of C-Reactive Protein (a.k.a CRP) levels in the blood. One way to measure the risk of heart damage is to examine the amount of the body's CRP levels. Participants of the study were divided into two groups; a placebo and krill oil group. During the study, CRP levels were measured three times; the beginning, seven days and 14 days. After 7 days, the placebo group's CRP levels increased by 15.7 % and after 14 days levels increased again by 32.1%. The group that had been taking 300 mg of krill oil daily reduced their CRP levels by 19.3% after seven days. After 14 days, CRP levels dropped even further by 29.7%.

  • PMS Symptoms: Research indicates a link between the lack of Omega 3s in women and the occurrence and severity of PMS symptoms. A study conducted by the University of Montreal followed the progress of 70 women diagnosed with PMS. Patients were divided into 3 groups: krill oil, fish oil and a placebo group. Experts also took note of the dosage of pain relief medication used by participants as well as other diagnostic tests to compare the effectiveness of krill oil, fish oil and other methods used to address conditions associated with PMS. Results concluded that women taking krill oil used less pain relief medications compared to the fish oil group. Findings also revealed that krill oil "significantly reduces dysmenorrhea" and the emotional symptoms of PMS. Above all, krill oil was found "more effective than fish oils for the complete management of premenstrual symptoms."

  • Cholesterol levels: Findings from a study conducted at McGill University in Montreal indicate that krill oil helps lower (bad) cholesterol levels. The study examined 120 patients who were diagnosed with high cholesterol. Participants were divided into four groups: Group A was given 0.5 - 1.5 grams of krill oil daily; Group B was given 2 – 3 grams of krill oil daily; Group C was given 3 grams of fish oil daily and Group D was given a placebo. Findings revealed that patients taking just 500 mg of krill oil daily achieved 300 % improvement in cholesterol levels compared to patients taking 3 grams of fish oil.

  • Inflammation: The results of a study published in the American Journal of Nutrition highlighted the effects of krill oil on chronic inflammation and arthritic symptoms. The study was conducted by Western University in collaboration with McMaster University. Participants included 90 patients who were diagnosed with inflammatory conditions such as cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and / or osteoarthritis. Findings revealed that krill oil reduced pain by 28.9%, stiffness by 20.3% and functional impairment by 22.8%. Moreover, results indicated that krill oil "significantly inhibits inflammation and reduces arthritic symptoms within a short treatment period of 7 and 14 days."

  • Brain Function: A study at the University of California, Berkley, suggests that low levels of Omega 3s, particularly DHA and EPA may contribute to cognitive decline. Findings indicate that regular consumption of Omega 3s, especially sources rich in EPA and DHA (such as krill oil), can considerably improve cognitive function. Moreover, a study of 30 adults with attention difficulties showed 46% improvement in mental concentration and 48.9 % mental focus after 90 days of taking krill oil supplements. Furthermore, krill oil contains the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, which has the rare ability to cross the blood brain barrier and rid the body of free radicals that can lead to cognitive impairment.

  • Anti-Aging: ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values are used to measure the effectiveness of antioxidants. Numerous ORAC tests have proven that krill oil effectively repairs aging cells when compared to other antioxidants. In fact, independent labs confirmed that Everest Nutrition Krill Oil contains an ORAC value of 431 while fish oil has an ORAC value of 8. Krill oil has over 50 times more ORAC power than fish oil! Research concluded that patients (particularly women) who took krill oil for three months reported significant improvement in the texture of their skin, nails and hair. Furthermore, these women reported a 60% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines and a 50% improvement in energy, stamina, mental alertness and concentration.

  • Overall Health: Numerous studies prove that krill oil's benefits can improve your overall health by strengthening your immune system, optimizing kidney function, regulating the body's hormone levels, elevating your mood and emotional wellbeing, balancing blood sugar levels, regulating blood pressure levels, supporting eye health, boosting your energy AND much more! In fact, Woman's World Magazine reported: "Krill oil is so potent; women who took it for three months reported a 51% boost in energy, alertness, memory, concentration and stamina in a recent Canadian study. And almost 100% described having a greater sense of well-being and happiness -- plus a 31% reduction in aches and pains!"

  • Other health benefits: Krill oil helps you maintain a healthy immune system and improves cognitive reasoning. It also develops a better memory and increases concentration and focus. The cell membranes are protected because a virtual wall is built around them when you consume krill oil. Cancer causing free radicals are blocked and cannot latch onto cells. Krill oil helps in reversing signs of ageing by slowing the deterioration of collagen.

Truth be told, Krill Oil is a "must have" in our daily diets as it is filled with vital nutrients the body needs to maintain our overall health and wellbeing.

Krill Oil vs Fish Oil

These days we're all well aware of the importance of including Omega 3 fatty acids into our diets. Krill Oil is a fantastic source of Omega 3s, especially EPA and DHA benefits, the two essential fatty acids the body needs to maintain excellent health.

Krill Oil goes above and beyond what you would find in any Omega 3 supplement -- even when put up against the highest grade fish oil supplement! 50% more Omega-3's are delivered to your body in every dose than fish oil.

Krill Oil contains a rich supply of astaxanthin, a red pigment found in aquatic livestock such as krill, shrimp, lobster, mussel, crab and other seafood sources. Astaxanthin is known as a very powerful antioxidant which can help rid the body of free radicals that contribute to various diseases and illnesses. Astaxanthin is also known for its anti-aging capabilities.

Even better. krill oil's Omega 3 structure is linked together in a different form compared to fish oil. The essential fatty acids in fish oil are made up in triglyceride form, whereas krill oil is linked together in phospholipid form – the same structure as the fat cells in the human body! This makes absorption of Omega 3s faster and easier.

Krill Oil contains critical DHA and EPA but there's one HUGE difference. When you take Krill Oil, the Omega 3 fatty acids are structured in phospholipid form and NOT triglyceride form. Phospholipids are the same type of fat cells found in the human body! This means there are no triglycerides to break down and the Omega 3s can directly enter your body without any additional work or conversion!

Just by switching to Krill Oil you immediately gain 50% more DHA and EPA to boost your health!

Even Better...

Krill Oil contains more antioxidant power than Vitamin A, Lutein, Vitamin E, Lycopene and many more! In fact, astaxanthin is one of the few nutrients that has the rare ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver essential nutrients throughout the body-- astaxanthin also fights off free radicals that lead to cell damage! Everest Nutrition Krill Oil has an ORAC value of 431 which makes it 54x times more powerful as an antioxidant compared to fish oil and other nutrients!

Let's face head-to-head competition, Krill Oil benefits far surpasses the benefits of ordinary fish oil!

Krill oil is:

  • 11x more effective at lowering bad cholesterol than fish oil

  • 6x more effective at reducing wrinkles than fish oil

  • 3x more effective at improving brain health than fish oil

  • 4x more effective in helping with PMS symptoms than fish oil

To recap here are Four Great Reasons why Krill Oil beats the pants off fish oil:

  • More Omega 3s. Krill Oil contains the richest supply of DHA and EPA attached in phospholipid form. Phospholipids are much more absorbable by the body which means... more DHA and EPA at each serving.

  • Phospholipids. Krill Oil is rich in brain-essential "good fats" found in phospholipid form – the same as the human body which means there are no conversions or extra work the body needs to do. This makes absorption faster, easier and more effective. You won't get fish burps, upset stomach or unpleasant side effects from Krill Oil.

  • Antioxidant power. Krill Oil contains astaxanthin, the carotenoid that gives shrimp, krill, lobster and other foods their pink color. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant. Everest Nutrition Krill Oil has an ORAC value of 431 – 54X more antioxidant power than fish oil.

  • Purity. Krill are at the bottom of the food chain. They are virtually free of toxins, metals and other contaminants. Even better, Krill Oil is harvested and collected in its natural environment – the pristine waters of Antarctica!

Things to Know Before Buying Krill Oil

The one problem with krill oil is that it has been traditionally very expensive to buy, and it is somewhat rare. If you walk into your local nutritional supplement store, they may not even have heard of it. That is why more and more people are choosing to buy their krill oil online instead. When you buy pure, cold-pressed Antarctic krill oil online, you will be getting capsules that contain around 300mg of Omega 3 along with 165mg EPA and 95mg DHA.

Another reason why this is a good thing to buy online is because the shelf life of any fish oil is not that long and by buying it directly from the manufacturer, you will be assured of having a higher quality product that will last you a lot longer.

Is Krill Oil Safe?

Krill Oil is safe for almost everyone. If you are pregnant or are allergic to shellfish or seafood we recommend speaking to your doctor before taking Krill Oil.

Krill Oil Side Effects

Some individuals suffer from diarrhea, loose stools and have indigestion problems. This may be a side effect of the fatty acid which is present in the krill oil. To avoid such side effects one must start taking the krill oil is lower doses and increase the dose gradually.

Some individuals suffer from allergic reactions after they consume krill oil. This kind of allergic reaction is faced by those who suffer from an allergy to any kind of shell fish. It is always advised to consult a physician before taking this krill oil in any form. If any kind of unusual reaction is being experienced then the doctor should be immediately consulted regarding this happening as some of the krill oil side effects can be serious. He can run tests and exact causative agent causing the allergy can be detected and necessary precautions can be taken.

Other forms of allergic reactions may be like those which may be seen in the form of abdominal cramps, skin rash, nausea and vomiting, swallowing difficulties, swelling all over the body, breathing difficulties are experienced by some individuals, general lightheadedness. Some experience bad breath.

The contents of the krill oil are seen to interact with blood thinners and other forms of anticoagulants. So people who take such medication should be aware of this interaction as this may lead to a bleeding disorder. This may happen as the krill oil by itself acts as a blood thinner. This medication is also not suitable for those individuals who suffer from a high blood pressure problem. Hence again, it is important to consult your doctor before including krill oil in your diet as this has a blood thinning property and can cause easy bleeding and bruising. This is one of the major krill oil side effects.

Since excessive bleeding is a side effect of krill oil, care should be taken if any surgery is scheduled in the less than 2 weeks. Krill oil consumption should be stopped for at least 2-3 weeks before the scheduled surgery.

Krill oil also may show certain side effects on pregnant women and hence they should not take krill oil on their own without consulting their physician.

Another major krill oil side effect is seen on people who suffer from thyroid problems should be careful while taking krill oil as this can cancel off the effects of the medication which they might be taking for their thyroid problem.

The side effects of krill oil vary in general depending on the quality of the krill oil and the quantity of the krill oil consumed. If the krill oil is of good quality and is purified enough there may not be any major side effects.

Krill Oil Reviews

The following reviews have been selected:


1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars Far more impressive than fish oil!, November 15, 2011


S. Talbert

I have used fish oil for about 18 months to control inflammation in my body and treat my asthma in a non-pharma way. We don't have prescription coverage, and the lack of efficacy I had with pharmaceuticals and my asthma simply wasn't worth the out of pocket expense.

I read up on fish oil helping asthmatics and decided to give it a try - and it worked. I had relief from the majority of my symptoms, but I had to take two large (HORSE-SIZED) pills every day and deal with "burp-back." When I read about krill oil being more effective than fish oil at controlling inflammation, having asthaxanthin in it, and not having any "remnant burps," I decided to try it...

It took me about a week to realize I was breathing easier (and didn't have ANY coughing) and my overall inflammation was lower than on FO - my feet and ankles felt fine when I got out of bed in the morning (if it's painful to walk after sleeping, it's a key sign for me that inflammation is up). Two weeks in, I realize our son is concentrating better than ever at his lessons (we homeschool and he tends towards a lack of focus), and by three weeks in, it's time for another order of the krill oil.

It's more expensive than FO, no question. For my family of three, it runs us about $50 every 40 days. That's over $1 per day for my family's use. But the benefits we're seeing from it are worth the extra expense to me - so we'll keep going.


94 of 103 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars Helps with calming ADD/ADHD, June 23, 2009


M. SMITH (Hermosa Beach, CA)

I did some research and found that Krill Oil is even more potent than the high quality fish oil I was taking, I think due to the Phospholipid structure of the oil and how the EPA and DHA are attached at the molecular level. The trigliceride structure of the fish oil is not as biovalable (the percentage your body actually utilizes) as the Krill Oil in the phospholipid structure.

I found that the Krill Oil seemed more efficient and cost effective in delivering the same results.

How I got on to Omega-3s as a treatment for ADD/ADHD:

A friend of mine who has always had a problem with ADD/ADHD told me that he was taking something that changed his life. (I have also struggled with ADD/ADHD my whole life.) He reccomended a brand of high quality fish oil. I tried two bottles of the capsules, no fish burps like many people have experienced (thats just my stomach).

The results from the Omega-3s in the fish oil were an increase in my mental focus, being able to think clearly, calmness, sleeping at night, have been dramatic to say the least. I can stay on task at work much better than I ever had. I feel more 'in the zone" and focused than ever before. Perhaps its my reaction, but for me to sit down and write something like this. It means something. The krill oil has the exact same effects.

I will take this stuff for the rest of my life or until another homeopathic ADD/ADHD treatment is found to be more effective.

Hope this helps you guys/gals out there.


42 of 47 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars this worked for me, December 5, 2008


petunia22 "Petunia" (Buffalo, NY)

My cholesterol was high enough that a statin was prescribed for me. I decided instead to try to lower it on my own.. I took krill oil, cut way back on saturated fat, added psyllium husk and Benecol chews. IN one month my cholesterol was in normal lmits. I"m not sure which factor had the most impact.. I suspect it was a combination. In my diet, I had already eliminated most processed foods, white flour, sugar, etc..


25 of 29 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars arthritis pain, July 8, 2009


lexie waters "new grandma" (MN)

This was reccomended to me for arthritis pain. Both my spouse and i noticed a significant improvement in our pain level. Take 500 mg twice a day.


2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product., November 15, 2011


Christopher Dowell

This is a good product. I bought these for someone I know who was diagnosed w/ a disorder but the meds they were taking was attacking their system as a nasty side effect.

Shortly after they started taking this Krill Oil along w/ Niacin capsules we noticed dramatic results! Niacin & Krill Oil are not only good for health, energy, & the heart but they also help to better regulate mood & seratonin levels which often are the root cause of mental disorders such as bipolar, & cronic depression.

Krill Oil also helps prevent altzheimers & works wonders for a variety of other ailments.

I highly recommend this product to anyone for either a more natural remedy for mood & depression or for just general overall health.

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